Our specialty: 3Quarti, three small buns realized from the dough of the pizza, manually stretched after 12 hours rising then browned with Italian extra virgin olive’s oil, natural or filled with some of our delicacies…

3Quarti simple euro 5
3Quarti ham and brie euro 5
3Quarti ham and mozzarella euro 5
3Quarti salmon and rucola euro 5
3Quarti anchovies and mozzarella euro 5
3Quarti tomato sauce and Parmisan cheese euro 5
3Quarti mix “sea” choosen by chef euro 5
3Quarti mix “land” euro 5


Cupcake with potatoes and zucchini on Parmesan cheese fondue euro 8
Zucchini flowers stuffed with Buffalo mozzarella cheese and anchovies euro 5
Parma ham 16 months old with buffalo mozzarella euro 12
Parma ham 16 months old with melon euro 11
Parma ham served on a chopping board 16 months euro 10
Mix of Parma ham and cheeses euro 13
Bresaola, rocket and Parmesan cheese euro 12
Buffalo mozzarella cheese (From Caserta) euro 6
Fried vegetables (carrots, potatos and zucchini) euro 7
Bruschetta with hot pecorino and lard of Colonnata euro 5
Bruschetta with salmon and brie (roasted bread) euro 5
Bruschetta with tomato euro 4
Norwegian salmon Tartare* euro 12
Carpaccio of artichokes, roket, parmesan cheese and pine nuts euro 12
Carpaccio of scottish Loch Fyne salmon marinated in salt and fennel euro 14
Octopus salad euro 10

First Courses

Fettuccine and Tonnarelli are hand made and a typical kind of egg pasta

Spaghetti carbonara “the original” with bacon euro 11
Maccheroncini with bacon, pecorino cheese, black pepper and truffle olive oil euro 12
Maccheroncini 3Quarti, “Classic Amatriciana” euro 11
Grandmother Lisa’s hand made Fettuccine tomato and basil euro 10
Tonnarelli with cacio cheese and 3 kind of peppers euro 11
Spaghetti sea bass, pumpkin flowers and botargo euro 13
Tonnarelli squid, zucchini and cherry tomatoes euro 13
Fettuccine salmon and pistachio euro 13

Main Courses – Burgers

Our beef comes from Denmark and is cooked (with a bit of extra virgin olive’s oil) on the molten grill and served with salad and baked potatoes. Our first quality fresh fish comes uniquely from Mediterranean sea.

Danish beef-sliced (grilled) 220g euro 18
Danish beef sliced with rosemary (grilled) 220g euro 18
Danish beef sliced on parmesan cheese fondue (grilled) 220g euro 19
Danish beef sliced with rocket and parmesan cheese 220g euro 19
Danish beef fillet sliced (grilled) 220g euro 20
Danish beef-grilled fillet steak 220g euro 20
Danish beef-grilled fillet steak with lard of Colonnata 220g euro 21
Angus americano steak 350g euro 19
Chicken tigh grilled (de boned) euro 14
Straccetti (strips of) chicken with soya and wok vegetables euro 15
Straccetti (strips of) chicken with curry and basmati rise euro 15
Veal cutlet with tomatoes and rucola salad euro 14
Danish hamburger with french fries euro 14

American Angus Hamburger

with fried patatoes and homemade bread

American Angus 180g, salad and tomatoes
euro 11
Italian Cheese Burger
American Angus 180g, salad, tomatoes and Italian cheese
euro 12
Grilled Vegetables Burger
American Angus 180g, salad, Grilled Vegetables and Caesar sauce
euro 12
Norcia’s bacon
American Angus 180g, salad, tomatoes and Norcia’s bacon
euro 12
Hamburger 3Quarti
American Angus 180g, salad, tomatoes, Italian cheese and Norcia’s bacon
euro 13
Bufala Burger
American Angus 180g, salad, tomatoes and Norcia’s bacon and bufala cheese
euro 14
Chichen Burger
Grilled chicken meat strips, salad, tomatoes and Caesar sauce
euro 10
Salmon Burger
Grilled Salmon 180g, salad, tomatoes and maionese
euro 14

Sea Main Courses

Salmon with in pistachios crust euro 19
Baked sea bass fillet with crunchy vegetables euro 18
Squid and artichokes cooked in a pan euro 19
Big Norvegian Salmon tartare euro 18
Grilled sea bream with salad and patatoes euro 19

Side dishes

Grilled vegetables
(zucchini, eggplant and fennel)
euro 6
Agro or spicy chicory euro 5
Mixed salad euro 5
Potatoes euro 5
Wok Vegetables
(zucchini, carrot, potatoes e soybeans)
euro 6
Bread or bread without gluten euro 2

Large Salad 3Quarti

Chicken Cesar salad
Green salad, bread, chicken, parmesan cheese and original sauce
euro 9
Green salad, eggs, tomato, corn, tuna and olives
euro 8
Bufala cheese
Green salad, tomato, mozzarella, basil and olives
euro 8
Green salad, salmon, tomatoes and fennel
euro 8
Green salad, red cicory, carrots, tomato and fennel
euro 8
Green salad, rucola, tomato, eggs, tuna and olives
euro 8

Homemade Desserts

Every single dessert we serve is home-made by our dear Chef.

New York Cheesecake euro 7
Chocolate pie with dark fondant chocolate heart euro 7
Coffee cream Tiramisù in a beautiful glass euro 6
Chocolate Tiramisù with strawberries euro 7
Pannacotta with Bronte pistacchio cream or chocolate or coffè cream euro 6
Little coffee cream Tiramisù euro 3
Cookies with cream euro 6
Bronte pistacchio 100% semifreddo and chocolate euro 7
Little Bronte pistacchio 100% semifreddo and chocolate euro 4
Puff pastry crumbled with chocolate layered cake made of puff pastry and cream euro 7
Semifreddo with crunchy nuts and orange euro 7
Strawberries with cream euro 6
Plate of Season fruits euro 7
Pineapple euro 5

How to accompany our sweets?

The answer is not easy. That’s why we try to propose you the best dessert wines. Some of them you can also combine even with chocolate so you can exalt your tasting.

Aphrodisium, vendemmia tardiva 11% vol: Casale del Giglio, Aprilia, Lazio euro 6
Malvasia delle Lipari 12,5% vol: Hauner, isole Eolie, Sicilia euro 6
Morsi di luce, zibibbo 15,5% vol: Florio, Marsala, Sicilia euro 5
Passito di Pantelleria 14,5% vol: Mueggen, Pantelleria, Sicilia euro 6
Muffato della Sala, Castello della Sala 13% vol: Marchesi Antinori, Orvieto, Umbria euro 8
Dindarello, moscato 11,5% vol: Maculan, Breganze, Veneto euro 5
Recioto della valpolicella 13% vol: Bertani, Grezzana, Veneto euro 5
Barolo Chinato 16,5% vol: Marchesi di Barolo, Calamandrana, Piemonte euro 6
Ala, antico amarascato 17,5% vol: Duca di Salaparuta, Marsala, Sicilia euro 5
Moscato di Pantelleria 15% vol: Duca di Castelmonte, Marsala, Sicilia euro 4
Passito di Pantelleria 15% vol: Duca di Castelmonte, Marsala, Sicilia euro 4