Main Courses

Our beef comes from Denmark and is cooked (with a bit of extra virgin olive’s oil) on the molten grill and served with salad and baked potatoes. Our first quality fresh fish comes uniquely from Mediterranean sea.

Danish beef-sliced (grilled) 220g euro 18
Danish beef sliced with rosemary (grilled) 220g euro 18
Danish beef sliced with rocket and parmesan cheese 220g euro 19
Danish beef fillet sliced (grilled) 220g euro 20
Danish beef-grilled fillet steak 220g euro 20
Angus americano steak 350g euro 19
Chicken tigh grilled (de boned) euro 14
Straccetti (strips of) chicken with soya and wok vegetables euro 15
Straccetti (strips of) chicken with curry and basmati rise euro 15
Veal cutlet with tomatoes and rucola salad euro 14
Danish hamburger with french fries euro 14

Sea Main Courses

Salmon with in pistachios crust euro 19
Baked sea bass fillet with crunchy vegetables euro 18
Squid and artichokes cooked in a pan euro 19
Big Norvegian Salmon tartare euro 18
Grilled sea bream with salad and patatoes euro 19

Side dishes

Grilled vegetables
(zucchini, eggplant and fennel)
euro 6
Agro or spicy chicory euro 5
Mixed salad euro 5
Potatoes euro 5
Wok Vegetables
(zucchini, carrot, potatoes e soybeans)
euro 6