First Courses

Fettuccine and Tonnarelli are hand made and a typical kind of egg pasta

Spaghetti carbonara “the original” with bacon euro 12
Maccheroncini with bacon, pecorino cheese, black pepper and truffle olive oil euro 13
Maccheroncini 3Quarti, “Classic Amatriciana” euro 12
Fettuccine with mushrooms euro 15
Grandmother Lisa’s hand made Fettuccine, tomato and basil euro 11
Tonnarelli with cacio cheese and 3 kind of peppers euro 12
Spaghetti sea bass, pumpkin flowers and botargo euro 15
Fettuccine with salmon and pistachio euro 14
Tonnarelli squid, zucchini and cherry tomatoes euro 14
Maccheroncini with sea ​​bass and crispy artichokes euro 14
Spaghetti garlic, oil, chilli and muggine’s botargo euro 15
First of the day from euro 12 to euro 25