The Sfizi

started mix euro 14
Cupcake with potatoes and zucchini on Parmesan cheese fondue euro 8
Parma ham 16 months old with buffalo mozzarella euro 12
Parma ham 16 months old with melon euro 11
Sfizi mix
Parma ham, mixed salami, boar sausage, Stracciatella, cow ricotta cheese, hot cheese with truffle
euro 14
Buffalo Mozzarella 120g (from Caserta) euro 6
Scamorza cheese with black Truffle euro 8
Chickpea and beetroot meatballs with jougur sauce euro 8

Le Bruschette (roasted bread)

Salt and oil euro 3
with Tomato euro 4
with hot pecorino and Lardo of Colonnata euro 5
with Piemonte’s walnuts and brie euro 5
with smoked cheese and radish euro 5
with stracciatella and sausage euro 5